The whole world is looking at the atrocities of the Russian army in Kyiv suburbs: Bucha, Irpin’, Hostomel, villages on the Zhytomyr route, and others. UkraineWorld tries to explain why these atrocities could have happened and how this genocide has been made possible.

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VoxUkraine argues that the cost of “peace” without a reformed Russia will weigh on the world for generations.


Petro Burkovskyi, analyst at the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, has analysed the possible motives, goals, and consequences of Putin’s military use of chemical weapons and considered measures that could prevent such developments and prevent further destruction of Ukrainian cities by air and missile strikes.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

How can Ukraine get a peace settlement which will ensure its security in the future? Kyiv issued proposals to find alternative ways of ensuring security guarantees if it declares a non-aligned status as Russia demands. Are these proposals realistic? What risks do they contain for Ukraine’s and Europe’s security?

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Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Director of Economic Programmes at the Razumkov Centre, has analysed the Ukrainian contribution to the global world order.

Razumkov Centre

Russians are retreating from Kyiv outskirts but concentrating their efforts in Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine needs arms, especially air defense, anti-missile systems, and armored vehicles, to continue its resistance.

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VoxUkraine has explained how it is possible to restrain Putin from further escalation.


Belarus Watch Team has prepared the 23d issue of the monitoring of Russian activities and influence in Belarus.

Belarus Watch Team

Ukraine is counterattacking Russian forces near Kyiv, in Kherson oblast and other regions. Russians are changing their rhetoric and tactics, hitting cities with missiles and saying they want to “liberate” Eastern Ukraine.

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How can we understand Russian logic? What lessons can we draw from the “great Russian culture”? What is Russia’s “negative-sum-game” and why is it crucial to understand its difference from the democratic “win-win” logic?

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