Maria Zolkina, analyst at the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, has explained why Ukraine will not surrender one inch of land to Russia.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

VoxUkraine has explained why there is no room for a compromise in peace talks with Russia.


10 lessons we have learnt from one month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. About the Ukrainian army, Russian army, Ukrainian society and national consolidation, Russian imperialism, West’s response, return of cruelty despite “technological progress”, and fragility of our civilisation.

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VoxUkraine has explained why the blood of innocent Ukrainians is on the hands of millions of Russians, not just Putin’s.


Human stories from Mariupol; Ukrainians counterattack near Kyiv; Russians lost more soldiers than Soviet Union during 10 years in Afghanistan.

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The world should talk about Mariupol, a 500-thousand city now exterminated by the Russian army. No electricity, water, food, heating, connection, no possibility to bury the dead. “Aleppo and Srebrenica combined,” says Ukrainian analyst Oleksandr Sushko.

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VoxUkraine has explained why Ukrainians give everything they have in the war.


Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Director of Economic Programmes at the Razumkov Centre, has analysed the reaction to the Russian attack on Ukraine as an influence on the tripartite world economic order.

Razumkov Centre

The European Values Center for Security Policy (Prague) and Internews Ukraine (Kyiv) prepared the 22nd issue of the monitoring of Russian activities and influence in Belarus.

Internews Ukraine, European Values Center for Security Policy

What’s wrong with Russia? How can we understand this cruel and inhumane attack on Ukraine targeting civilians, hospitals, maternity houses? Why is Russia de-humanising not only Ukrainians but its own citizens?

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