The article by James Sherr, member of the Institute of World Policy`s Supervisory Board and an Associate Fellow, Chatham House (London)

Official results of the international investigation of the passenger Boeing-777 crash in Donbas are going to be published in autumn. However, the world is already discussing the need to create an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the plane crash, informs the news agency UNIAN.

On the 8 June 2015 in Brussels, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) organized international conference “Civil Society Contributions to Human Rights and the Reform Agenda”. During third session, the participants of the conference discussed the progress on reforms in Eastern Partnership countries.

Ukrainian parliament denounces the existing agreement of 1995 that allowed the transit of Russian military troops to Transninstria through Ukraine’s territory. By ending it, Poroshenko may have blocked around 1,500 Russian soldiers currently stationed in Transnistria, putting pressure on the Kremlin. In response, Moscow said it was ready to provide supplies to Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria by planes, the KyivPost writes.

Events taking place in Donbass today, only give negative signals to Russia, which leads to serious problems for Moscow. To change the situation on the ground, the Kremlin should either allow for concessions, or escalate the conflict even further – says a senior analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies – Anatoly Oktysyuk.

The Riga Summit was a long-awaited event not only for countries participating in the Eastern Partnership, but also for the European Union on the whole. The attention of the EU and certain of its member countries was never so closely associated with the events in Eastern Europe, first and foremost in Ukraine.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt hopes that a new round of armed confrontation in Donbas will not happen. Although, he notes, that there are some signs of recovery of military confrontation: “We know that Russia conducts intensive training of the so-called Army of New Russia. Furthermore, it has also collected its missiles “ground-air” very close to the boundary line on Ukrainian territory “- the news agency UNIAN.

Survey of Ukrainian experts, politicians, journalists, public officials and community leaders, conducted by the Institute of World Politics in the framework of a major project of the Association for International Affairs (Czech Republic) showed: during five years of the Eastern Partnership, doubts and fears of Ukrainian experts and diplomats did not vanish, they transformed into clear requirements for its reform.