National TV channels increasingly use social networks as a source for news


NGO Internews Ukraine conducted the expert survey titled “Internet Freedom in Time of Military Conflict.” The study aimed to find out potential risks regarding free users’ access to the net and to figure out if the military conflict on Donbass affects journalists and bloggers in Ukraine.


How did major Ukrainian TV channels comply with professional standards while covering political events in Ukraine, and how is Ukrainian politics presented in their news? The monitoring of political news conducted by the Academy of Ukrainian Press in the first quarter of 2017 addresses these and other questions.


Monitoring of all-Ukrainian printed and online media in Q1 2017.


The official ban on access to a number of popular Russian Internet resources and services in Ukraine caused a major stir in Ukrainian society and the expert environment, which notably differentiates this situation on the backdrop of previous stage of sanctions, which were imposed on Russian companies in the past.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

What are the technologies and strategies Russia, China and the right-wing populists use to make and spread propaganda?

Data Journalism Agency TEXTY

The monitoring of the media of six Eastern Partnership countries and Russia.


The Office Members, Internews Ukraine and Detector Media, presented joint statement of the Ukrainian media addressing President of Ukraine, Prime Minister, Minister of internal affairs and the General prosecutor. Journalists call on the officials to hold immediate and qualitative prosecutions of the aggression towards journalists.

Internews-Ukraine, Detector Media

Наприкінці червня 2016 року чеська неурядова організація The European Values у межах свого проекту Kremlin Watch розробила цікавий документ – «Повномасштабна демократична відповідь ворожим дезінформаційним кампаніям. 50 заходів із протистояння кремлівському ворожому дезінформаційному впливу в Європі».

Detector Media

In February-March 2016, Detector Media NGO has conducted a research of journalistic practices, journalists’ views on their role in the process of reporting the conflict, and their values that determine their practice.

Detector Media