Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation conducted a survey among experts, public figures and journalists to assess the new law on local elections, and to predict how will the upcoming election campaign look like.

In general, reforms in Ukrainian energy sector are moving forward, yet experts believe the creation of an independent and professional regulating body in the energy sphere will ensure their overall success.

In the latest policy paper by the Institute of World Policy and Caucasian House “Ukraine-Russia: Scenarios for the Development of Bilateral Relations” the authors are trying to predict the future of the relations between two countries and analyse whether there are preconditions to restart if not state, at least people-to-people contact between Ukraine and Russia.

Real GDP will likely start to recover later than expected due to low domestic demand and weakness in external demand from emerging markets.

According to the poll of the Razumkov Centre, majority of Ukrainian citizens (71.1%) believe that Russia is an aggressor and it is a party to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. LPR and DPR are terrorist organizations which do not represent population of these areas (64.9%).

The US-Russian compromise on Iran is perceived as an element of broader geopolitical agreement of the parties, including on Ukraine. The willingness of Russia to make concessions to the US in the agreement on Iran was made possible after a series of contacts at the highest level, which were then fixed at Victoria Nuland’s and Grigoriy Karasin’s level.

On 30 July 2015 in Kyiv, a presentation of photo project “Ukraine through the eyes of a migrant” took place. This photo project is a part of the information campaign “All are different, all are together” which is implemented by “Internews-Ukraine” with the support of the program MATRA of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

CPLRA number of NGOs accused the Cabinet of Ministers of blocking anti-corruption reform and asked the President to intervene immediately.

In the open letter to Petro Poroshenko they ask him to support the launch of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

The letter was signed by: Association “Avtomaydan”, “E-Democracy”, Institute for Media Law, “Our Money” on channel ZIK, “Patients of Ukraine”, “Reanimation Package of Reforms”, movement “No bribery!”, “Chesno”, Transparency International Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute for Public Policy, Center UA, Centre for Political and Legal Reforms, Center for Political Studies and Analysis, Center for combating corruption.