Deputy Director – Director of Political and Legal Programmes at the Razumkov Centre Yuriy Yakymenko explained Glavnoe web-site why pro-russian separatists need local elections in “the DPR and the LPR” and how it can influenced the conflict in Donbas.

The initiative of holding local elections in “the DPR and the LPR” is another imitation by the leaders of these entities, primarily aimed at accusing Ukraine in jeopardising the Minsk Agreements. The Minsk Agreements should be fulfilled starting from the first point, and if the first and the third points are not fulfilled by the militants, any other points are out off the question. All this is in the context of Russia’s conventional concept that the so-called DPR and LPR should become actors of the negotiation process as an independent party, although Russia itself is actually this party.

On July 23, the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation released results of the expert opinion poll “Political Consequences of Half – Year”. 43 experts were invited to participate in the opinion poll on the main achievements and failures of the domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine over the first half year of 2015.

The article by James Sherr, member of the Institute of World Policy`s Supervisory Board and an Associate Fellow, Chatham House (London)

One can only welcome the many agreements and memorandums, which Ukrainian officials signed with US investors in the development and transportation of hydrocarbons, and the week earlier with European officials to expand the European energy infrastructure, emphasizes the expert of analytical center DiXi Group – Anton Antonenko.

This issue contains articles and interviews of the Razumkov Centre’s experts, dealing with most topical issues in Ukraine’s current affairs. In particular – domestic politics, security sector, the situation in the Ukrainian economy and energy sector.

Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.7 (177).

Official results of the international investigation of the passenger Boeing-777 crash in Donbas are going to be published in autumn. However, the world is already discussing the need to create an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the plane crash, informs the news agency UNIAN.

In the last issue of the Razumkov Centre’s “National Security and Defence” magazine, you will find information about the following topics: Law enforcement reform in Ukraine: status, areas for reform, issueы; Experience, lessons learned and prospects for reforming internal affairs agencies: opinions of experts, politicians, human rights advocate; Attitude of citizens, experts. police staff: surveys by the Razumkov Centre

Вийшов останній випуск огляду основних подій у сфері екологічної політики та права Ресурсно-аналітичного центру “Суспільство і довкілля”. У випуску ви знайдете інформацію про наступні теми: Регуляторна діяльність мінприроди, законопроектна діяльність щодо оцінки впливу на довкілля, та питань охорони довкілля, ратифікація «Горизонт 2020» та протоколу про стратегічну екологічну оцінку, про видобуток бурштину та інші теми.

In the latest issue of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation’s “Focus on Ukraine” you will find an overview of the most important political events for 13 – 19 July as well as expert analysis of the constitutional amendments on decentralisation.