Stable and transparent rules of competition are needed to attract investments in the domestic mining industry. Today, this transparency is lacking said president of the analytical center DiXi Group Group, Olena Pavlenko, during a press conference in “Ukrainian Crisis Media Center”.

The latest issue of information bulletin “Environmental Policy and Law” prepared by the Resource and Analysis Centre “Society and Environment” has been released. In this issue you will find information on the following topics: legislative activities on environmental issues, regulatory activities of the Ministry of Environment etc.

The Razumkov Centre continues to study the evolution process of the party system in Ukraine. 

Introducing to your attention the new issue of the newsletter “Information of the WTO members” No.60, which is a regular information product of the project “Trade policy and practice in Ukraine”. Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting implements this project in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the National Board of Trade of Sweden.

The detailed results of IWP’s opinion poll “What do the Europeans think about Ukraine?” conducted in six largest EU countries.

В останньому випуску “Україна у Фокусі” від Фонду “Демократичні ініціативи імені Ілька Кучеріва” ви знайдете огляд важливих політичних подій за 29 червня – 5 липня 2015р.

A senior economist at the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) Vasil Povoroznyk, shared his views about consequences of Greece’s default for the EU and Ukraine in a blog post on TSN.

In the framework of the project iMoPe, organized by VoxUkraine, experts of the analytical center DiXi Group participated in the evaluation of government’s actions in the first half of 2015. One of the most successful steps in the field of energy, according to the experts, was the regulator’s decision to raise tariffs for gas and electricity.

In the latest issue of “Ukraine in Focus”, you will find an overview of the most important political events of the week 22 – 28 June. The issue also contains analytical reference “Decentralisation of the government: reform behind closed doors”.

This issue contains articles and interviews of the Razumkov Centre’s experts, dealing with most topical issues in Ukraine’s current affairs. In particular — domestic politics, security sector, the situation in the Ukrainian economy and energy sector.