The focus of the study prepared by “Europe without Barriers” are people crossing the Ukraine-Poland land border, which is the busiest for both countries and serves as a primary gateway for entering the European Union from Ukraine.

Europe without Barriers

Kyiv District Administrative Court will supervise the formation of the HQCJ and the activities of the HCJ, as well as disciplinary practices against prosecutors.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

Against the backdrop of political twists and turns in Ukraine, Donbas has ceased to be in the media spotlight.

Internews-Ukraine, UkraineWorld

According to Lesia Dubenko, analyst at “Europe without Barriers”, with blockchain’s foray into the travel industry, passports might soon become obsolete.

Europe without Barriers

On January 17, Ukrainian Prime Minister Honcharuk submitted a letter of resignation to President Zelensky. Despite this, he remained Prime Minister. Volodymyr Yermolenko, editor in chief at and analytics director at Internews Ukraine, explained why.

Internews-Ukraine, UkraineWorld

Constitutional Court has prohibited amending the Constitution in terms of introducing additional grounds for early termination of powers of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

The State Budget of Ukraine provides significant subventions for regional social and economic development each year.

Civil Network OPORA

To paraphrase a well-known saying, you can endlessly look at three things: how the fire burns, how the water flows, and how the Ukrainian legislation on elections is rewritten on the eve of the elections themselves.

Observatory of Democracy

The International Centre for Policy Studies presented the fourth assessment of local/regional activities for October-December 2019 within the framework of the project “Promoting transparency and implementation of anti-corruption measures in state-owned enterprises and local governments in Ukraine”.

International Centre for Policy Studies

In November 2019, Ukraine’s government adopted an Action Plan on Integrated Border Management Strategy for the period until 2025.

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