The survey of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting “Annual Assessment of the Business Climate in Ukraine” in 2016-2017 showed that the economic crisis of recent years has had a significant impact on small and medium-sized businesses.

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting

VoxUkraine provides a summary of major achievements and failures and contemplates what needs to be done and whether reforms will succeed in transforming the country.


On 24 December 2017, the elections were held in 51 united territorial communities, including 5 cities, 30 village and 16 settlement communities.

Civil Network OPORA

The newly established State Investigation Bureau should focus primarily on investigating crimes committed by judicial and law enforcement officers.

Centre of policy and legal reform

The Center for Political Analysis “Observatory of Democracy” presented a study of the state and dynamics of decentralisation in Poltava region.

"Observatory of Democracy"

In November major events in the field of identity politics took place around Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, which regulates the language of education of national minorities; Ukrainian-Polish misunderstandings about the memory policy, as well as events in Crimea and ORDLO.

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research

In November, the new Supreme Court was formed in Ukraine and will start its operations in December.

Centre of policy and legal reform

The Association Agreement stipulates that by the end of 2025, Ukraine has to bring its legislation closer to the EU legislation and implement provisions of approximately 550 acts of the EU.

Ukrainian Centre for European policy

On December 7, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the budget for 2018.

International Centre for Policy Studies

The index for monitoring of reforms (iMoRe) is +0.8 points for the period from November 13 – 26, 2017 (+0.7 in the previous round on a scale of -5.0 to +5.0).