24% of the candidates are with negative conclusions of the Public Integrity Council.

Centre of policy and legal reform

The majority of Ukrainians support the decentralization reform, but are not quite satisfied with the way it is being implemented.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

Certain positive developments were recorded in legislation regarding the monetary system, the business environment and the energy sector.


The latest reforms enhancing the accessibility of the Constitutional Court, protecting judges from politically motivated dismissals, and ensuring a more competitive appointment process lay the ground for an independent and effective arbiter. However, the lack of clarity and details may undermine the success of the Court and should therefore be addressed.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

According to the results of an internal expert survey within the public initiative the Reanimation Package of Reforms, Ukraine is failing to deliver on electoral and constitutional reforms.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

An informational and analytical project about seventeen key reforms, which helps to understand the complicated process of the political and social changes started in Ukraine in 2014.


The issue of financing election campaigns is relevant not only in Ukraine, but also in the political life of all developed Western democracies. Election experts are increasingly raising the issue of costly election campaigns, in particular, the use of  a large number of political advertisements on TV and in print media.

Civil Network OPORA

Openness of the budget process and citizen participation in it is one of the key features of the functioning democratic society.

Civil Network OPORA

Three years after dramatic events of 2014, the national economy shows first signs of re-orientation to Western and global markets. 


The European component of civic education has remained beyond the declared European integration strategy.

Observatory of Democracy