The ISER project “Control the budget by your own” provides the creation of a series of educational videos.

Institute for Social and Economic Research

The process of issuing subvention from the State Budget is quite politicised. The mechanisms and procedures of elaborating and approving the list of objects or activities to be supported with subvention are not transparent and comprehensible. The distribution of funds is unbalanced from region to region.

Civil Network OPORA

On 7  November 2017, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Draft Election Code #3112-1 as a basis.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

It is important to remember key differences between Ukraine during Yanukovych’s rule and today’s Ukraine. Here are 8 topics of comparison between “then” and “now”.

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The main events of these round are the procedures for demographic registry maintenance and introduction of the differentiated approach for banks’ audit.


Equal opportunities for self-realisation in politics for both men and women are an actual trend, corresponding to European values.

Observatory of Democracy

On 7 November, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft Election Code #3112-1 as a basis.

Civil Network OPORA

The monthly newsletter of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR) is devoted to the analysis of the state reform, in particular in the areas of parliamentarism and elections, constitutional and judicial reform, civil service, anti-corruption, etc.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

Center for Political Analysis “Observatory of Democracy” offers its unbiased look at the results of the election in the united territorial communities of the Kharkiv region.

Observatory of Democracy

July-September 2017 period turned out to be the most reformist during the last five quarters.