The Constitutional Court of Ukraine remains  weak, docile and inefficient; now it is also paralysed in its new responsibilities. It is therefore urgent that a new law on the Constitutional Court be drafted, consulted on and adopted.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

A study on the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation on road transportation to the European law.

Ukrainian Centre for European Policy

On 10 July, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine published the final versions of bills No. 6674 and No. 6675. They abolish compulsory e-declaration for NGOs but introduce instead a number of new norms on NGO accountability. 

Ukrainian Centre for European Policy

Interview with Gerard Roland, Professor of Economics and Political Science of the University of California in Berkley.


For Ukraine, with its large and very diverse regions, the State policy of regional development should become one of the main policies of the state.

European Dialogue

The  newsletter contains articles and interviews of the Centre’s experts on the most important issues of Ukraine’s life in the areas of national security and defence, economy, energy, internal and foreign policy.

Razumkov Centre

On the Unified State Open Data Portal one expects to see open data as such. Instead, there is a lot of copies of contracts, telephone directories and a variety of reports. Where is open data?


This period was signified by a significant progress in the business environment reform, monetary and energy sector reform.


According to the ranking, only three Ukrainian regions have a high level of transparency. However, even these regional councils still have a lot of work to do, since the best result is only 58.5%.

International Centre for Policy Studies, Institute for Economic and Social Reforms

Without developed parties with their democratic character, it is impossible to hope that the power will be democratically formed, implemented and transferred.

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research