After 2 years of Maydan event and with a new government, Volodymyr Groysman tries to meet expectations both of Ukrainian society and international partners.

However, the ongoing conflict in the East is a catalyst of changes, which Ukraine needs so much. Aiming to meet the EU conditionalities, we witness positive legislative amendments, however, their poor implementation.

Though the Government, as well as Parliament, has strong pro-European intentions, one can note the difficulties which emerge during the voting. The report aims to analyse the current political situation in order to predict possible further developments.

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Efficient distribution of roles and resources is a key to expanding capabilities and opportunities. The UTTLOB member, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, officially announced its reorganization. From now on the think tank will be composed of the three categories of the employees – the permanent experts, administrative staff and experts. Following structure will enhance a continuous scheme of the expert development.

Introduced changes foresee also 2 structural units which will focus on constitutional and administrative reforms and on the reform in the judiciary and law enforcement.

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We are back after vacations with a small selection of interesting publications from our partners.

Podolian Agency for Regional Development prepared their first issue of E-Digest Laboratory of Electronic Governance.

The State Fund for Regional Development is a funding tool introduced by the State strategy for regional development. Number of aspects depend on efficiency of the fund. This includes transparent and planned funding of the regional development, opportunities for shaping and implementing policies upon need, implementation of reforms – administrative, territorial and budget.

Analytical report aims to analyse main challenges for successful functioning of the fund, as well as recommendations for further development.

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Once again, problems with election processes bring attention to the issue of need of change of the election system. From political perspective, recent by-elections did not impact significantly current division of powers in the parliament. However, election campaign could be a good preparatory stage or even rehearsal for number of political powers in case of early elections in the nearest future.

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Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Charitable Fund and Reanimation Package of Reforms held the expert survey during 14-20 July 2016. The survey aimed to analyze expert opinion on the first achievements and failures of a new government chaired by Volodymyr Groysman.

Overall the experts moderately evaluate the activities of a new government during the first 100 days. The experts consider a common political line with the President and active cooperation with international partners and the civic sector as a positive aspect of the new government.

In October 2016 new laws “On the bodies and persons engaged in the enforcement of judgments and other decisions of the organs” and also law on “On enforcement proceedings” will come into force. The laws aim to reform the system of a compulsory enforcement of decisions.

The laws are considered as a major innovation which will contribute to simplification of the procedures and accessibility. Though private executors will have a rather limited field of responsibility – the state will keep under its control issues like parental rights, disputes between legal entities, confiscation, etc. Also, the position will be considered as a new legal profession,

After fall of communist regime, Slovakia passed through a tough period of economic transformation. Due to the right reforms, the country managed to demonstrate impressive speed of growth. Experience of changes, introduced by Mikulash Dzurinda, is a priceless source of knowledge for Ukraine and an example how reforms can be implemented fast and efficiently.

The experts indicate 3 main lessons for Ukraine to take from Slovak experience:

  • reform of state financial management and introduction of midterm budget planning;
  • ensuring stability in tax reforms;
  • political will for implementation of reforms which might be socially unpopular.

Analysts of CHESNO and Civic Organisation OPORA prepared a brief analysis of the proposals on improvement of procedure regulation of the Parliaments work in compliance with recommendations of the mission of the European Parliament.