There are some questions to the text of the bill ahead of the second reading.

Razumkov Centre

The law recognizes that we have not an anti-terrorist operation but that we have Russian military aggression.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation

In order to launch the anticorruption court, it is necessary to adopt a new law that would apply both to the status of the judges and to the body itself.

Centre of policy and legal reform

The seventh session of Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation is the last opportunity to hold the electoral reform before the next elections of MPs. 

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, Civil Network OPORA, Human Rights Platform, Internews Ukraine, Institute of Electoral Law and Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research

The Government undertook 62 reforms and stated this in The Strategy for Sustainable Development Ukraine 2020.  


Certain positive developments were recorded in legislation regarding public finance, monetary system, and business environment.

Vox Ukraine

Ukraine’s government has the right – indeed, the duty – to ensure that all of its citizens learn Ukrainian effectively.

Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation

On September 29, the Superior Council of Justice announced the names of 111 candidates whom it will recommend to the President for appointment to the Supreme Court judgeships.

Centre of policy and legal reform

Since 2014, politicians have been promoting and supporting the idea of changing the electoral system, but no significant steps have been made yet.

Civil Network OPORA

24% of the candidates are with negative conclusions of the Public Integrity Council.

Centre of policy and legal reform