Yuriy Yakymenko, Deputy Director General, Director of Political and Legal Programmes of Razumkov Centre, shared his opinion about the current situation in the Ukrainian government and ruling coalition.

“The acute phase of crisis will slowly evolve into negotiations to search for a compromise for the coalition to work,” Yuriy Yakymenko said. “Parliament probably won’t be dissolved and the issue of early elections has been delayed.”

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Ukrainian civil organization «Association for Community Self-Organization Assistance» presented its annual report of 2015. 

Since 2006 the Association unites people who want to improve their live standards in community.

Main directions of activity:

  • Influence on the government in terms of democratization and social efficiency.
  • Formulation and popularization of the principles of self-organization, proper governance and civil society development.
  • Support of non-governmental organizations, organizations supporting self-organization, local initiative groups, volunteers.

One of the achievements of the Association is creation and maintenance of the website SAMOORG which has been upgraded in 2015.

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The experts of the Civic movement CHESNO have determined support of the democratic processes in Ukraine. Henceforth, they issued a call to the deputies of Ukraine and President of Ukraine. The experts call to postpone a bill about the dictatorship of the political parties. They address project of bill #3700 which has been offered by the leaders of 5 political fractions.

The experts warn that this project enables political parties to change their election lists already after the very elections, and hence to make business on the election lists without any restrictions.

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Deputy director general, Director of Political and legal programmes at the Razumkov Centre Yuriy Yakymenko joins Viewpoint talk-show on Ukraine Today to discuss the impact of the high-profile resignation of Ukraine’s Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius on the political situation in Ukraine.

The group of civil society experts, who take part in the ongoing development, promotion and monitoring of the implementation of the key systemic reforms, urged the government to take steps to overcome the political crisis and accelerate the reforms.

In the latest analytical-bulletin from the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation you will find an overview of political events of the week in Ukraine. The experts of the Foundation, Oleksiy Sydorchuk, look in detail at the resignation of the minister of economy and how will it affect the unity of the government and the coalition.

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The constitutional reform is underway in Ukraine, involving constitutional amendments in 3 areas: human rights, decentralization and reform of the judiciary. In this Analytical brief, experts of Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR) and Reanimation Package of Reforms, present their assessment of what was done in each of the 3 areas.

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Analytical report devoted to the challenges and issues of monetary policy and the features of its implementation in Ukraine. The report presented (in the format of author articles) position of leading Ukrainian experts and international institutions.

Analytical report was stiffened a survey of citizens of Ukraine regarding awareness of the main components forming the exchange environment and the impact of monetary dynamics on the moods and expectations.

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Bulletin provides an overview of political events of the week and contains the analytical report “Amendments to the Constitution regarding justice: reform without communication” prepared by O. Sydorchuk. In the analytical report, expert raises the following issues: Are the proposed constitutional changes able to initiate the judicial reform?  What are the prospects of their being approved?

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“I think the coalition as a whole will continue. The logic is that: now some reformations is possible, but the snap elections is unnecessary for the two key factions- partners – Petro Poroshenko Bloc and People’s Front… By the way, in my opinion, it coincides with the interests of the whole country”, – stated the Research Director of Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Intiatives Foundation, Oleksiy Haran, on the air of Channel 5.