The upcoming local elections exacerbate contradictions within the Parliament. Trying to demonstrate their concern for the electorate, MPs have jeopardized further cooperation with the IMF, Ukraine’s financial and banking system and the stability of the ruling coalition. The “Samopomich” and Radical Party of Oleh Lyashko began talking about the Parliament’s political incompetence and a possible withdrawal from the coalition.

The latest collection of “Inside Ukraine”.

The Razumkov Centre continues to study the evolution process of the party system in Ukraine. 

В останньому випуску “Україна у Фокусі” від Фонду “Демократичні ініціативи імені Ілька Кучеріва” ви знайдете огляд важливих політичних подій за 29 червня – 5 липня 2015р.

A senior economist at the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) Vasil Povoroznyk, shared his views about consequences of Greece’s default for the EU and Ukraine in a blog post on TSN.

In the latest issue of “Ukraine in Focus”, you will find an overview of the most important political events of the week 22 – 28 June. The issue also contains analytical reference “Decentralisation of the government: reform behind closed doors”.

This issue contains articles and interviews of the Razumkov Centre’s experts, dealing with most topical issues in Ukraine’s current affairs. In particular — domestic politics, security sector, the situation in the Ukrainian economy and energy sector.

On 18 June 2015, the bill № 2831-2 on local elections, which was actually the only one of the proposed bills which offered open lists, did not get enough votes in the Parliament.

Centre for Political and Legal Reforms” compared two models of the administrative service: the one-stop-shop centres for administrative service provision vs their provision by the offices of various central bodies of state authorities.

Navigator of the Association Agreement (hereinafter – Navigator) is an online tool that allows to track the progress of implementation of the commitments undertaken by Ukraine, after signing the Association Agreement.