In the latest analytical-bulletin from the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation you will find an overview of political events of the week in Ukraine. The experts of the Foundation, Oleksiy Sydorchuk, look in detail at the resignation of the minister of economy and how will it affect the unity of the government and the coalition.

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The constitutional reform is underway in Ukraine, involving constitutional amendments in 3 areas: human rights, decentralization and reform of the judiciary. In this Analytical brief, experts of Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR) and Reanimation Package of Reforms, present their assessment of what was done in each of the 3 areas.

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Analytical report devoted to the challenges and issues of monetary policy and the features of its implementation in Ukraine. The report presented (in the format of author articles) position of leading Ukrainian experts and international institutions.

Analytical report was stiffened a survey of citizens of Ukraine regarding awareness of the main components forming the exchange environment and the impact of monetary dynamics on the moods and expectations.

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Bulletin provides an overview of political events of the week and contains the analytical report “Amendments to the Constitution regarding justice: reform without communication” prepared by O. Sydorchuk. In the analytical report, expert raises the following issues: Are the proposed constitutional changes able to initiate the judicial reform?  What are the prospects of their being approved?

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“I think the coalition as a whole will continue. The logic is that: now some reformations is possible, but the snap elections is unnecessary for the two key factions- partners – Petro Poroshenko Bloc and People’s Front… By the way, in my opinion, it coincides with the interests of the whole country”, – stated the Research Director of Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Intiatives Foundation, Oleksiy Haran, on the air of Channel 5.

Ihor Koliushko, Kateryna Davydenko, from the Centre of Political and Legal Reform, gave their assessment of the draft Law of Ukraine registered under № 3693 (“On amendments to Law of Ukraine “On status of deputies of local councils” (concerning recall of deputies of local councils), which was adopted in the first reading on the threshold on the New Year by Verkhovna Rada.

IWP presented  a policy brief of Leonid Litra, senior research fellow at the IWP, is based on the discussions at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s conference “Strengthening the EaP CSF Platforms’ Participation in AA/DCFTA Implementation”.

This paper aims to provide successful tools that were used in the three EaP countries and advise on how to improve certain aspects that would lead to a more efficient implementation of the AAs, as well as to demonstrate possibilities for effective monitoring and evaluation with existing examples.

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Bulletin provides an overview of political events of the week and the analytical report “Postponement of amendments to the constitution: a game of undetermined results” prepared by O. Sydorchuk and M. Zolkina. Experts raise the following issues: How will the submission of the deputies influence the further prospects of decentralization? What role will it play in the process of regulation the conflict in the Donbas region?

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Expert of the USAID project “Citizens in Action” Ivan Lukerya has prepared a comparative analysis of four draft laws on a local referendum based on 12 characteristics. This analytical material has been prepared thanks to the support of the American people through the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

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NGO “European Dialogue” under the project “Prevention of corruption in the activities of public authorities”, supported by the Democracy Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, held a range of measures to improve the professional competence of civil servants and local government officials on knowledge of anti-corruption legislation and cooperation with NGOs in this direction.

The handbook was developed based on the results of the discussions and workshops organized in the framework of this project .