– Some suggestions which should be implemented in order to achieve and secure the independence of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine;

– Ukraine re-thinking its approach to Donbas war. Key things to know;

– Donbas: attitudes to human rights and freedoms;

– Ukraine in the Black Sea region: economic interests;

– Transparency ranking of Ukrainian regions;

– Russia’s Gas Wars: what must Ukraine and the EU do to deweaponize energy security;

– Can Macron Reload the Minsk Process?

– Latest reforms and their impact on Ukraine’s state of affairs;


– Ukraine has joined the oldest network of European research institutions, TEPSA

– Open electoral lists: advantages and perspectives of introduction in Ukraine;

– What Ukrainians think about the visa-free regime with the EU;

– EU tariff quotas as an incentive for reforms;

– Ukraine’s economy: main development 200-2007;

– Ukraine’s role as a strategic energy partner of the EU;

– What happens if Russia turns up the heat again in Ukraine?

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– Decentralisation: what has been achieved within the last three years;

– Migration: how visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU will affect Polish labour market;

– Economic policy of Ukraine in view of developments on the global level;

– The Ukrainian Party System before and after the 2013–2014 Euromaidan;

– An impressive list of Ukraine’s achievements in spring 2017 on many fronts;

– The meaning of the Ukrainian Parliament’s vote to join NATO

– The Donbas blockade another blow to the Minsk peace process

– Festive departure: the first visa-free train travel