The Ukraine Analytical Digest is a special product of the Office. It is a selection of the latest and most important materials – including publications, videos, and infographics – on Ukraine and related topics developed by our members and recognized research centres from EU member states and other countries. To provide the reader with the best quality materials we monitor on a daily-basis the work of these leading research organisations, and share updates on the issues that matter most. The reader also receives the latest reports from past events, information on upcoming events in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond, and stays up-to-date with the Office’s activities.

The Digest is issued twice a month and sent out to all those who work on Ukraine-related issues in Brussels, EU member states, and other countries.

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– The Role and Place of Ukraine’s Energy Sector in Global Energy Processes;

– Foreign Non-Governmental Foundations in Ukraine;

– Free Movement of Goods: a New Goal for Ukraine and the EU;

– Ukraine-Slovakia Relations: Developing a True Strategic Partnership?;

– Will Ukraine’s 2019 Elections Be a Turning Point? Unlikely, but Dangers Lurk;

– Report on Alleged Misuse of State Budget Resources for Indirect Campaigning (June – October).

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– Appeal of Ukrainian civil society organisations regarding an arbitrary blockade of Ukraine’s access to the Sea of Azov by the Russian Federation and the capture of 23 Ukrainian servicemen;

– Russia Openly Attacks Ukraine. Why Now?;

– Why Russian Aggression in Azov Sea Area Is Important for Nord Stream 2 Case.

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– Taming the Hydra: How to Resist Kremlin’s Information Aggression?;

– Quality Matters: What Should Be Improved on the EU-Ukraine Land Border;

– Ukraine, a Country with a Huge Potential. What Reforms Were Undergone and What’s Next?;

– Kyiv vs Budapest: What`s Going on in Ukrainian-Hungarian Relations?;

– City Democracy Index – 2018;

– Environmental Policy and Law: UA Review (October 2018).

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– Anatomy of the Border. Independent Monitoring Report 2018;

– Offshore Gas Infrastructure in the Russian Counteraction to NATO on the East Flank: Potential for a Hybrid Use in the Black and Baltic Seas;

– Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.8-9 (213), August-September 2018;

– 4 Years of Changes in the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine: Two Steps Forward, One Back;

– Public Opinion Poll: Ukraine – EU.

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– Deepening EU-Ukraine relations: What, why and how?;

– EaP security: EU goals and Ukraine’s promotion;

–Media Portrayal of Political Evaluation towards Visa-free Regime with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova;

– Ukrainian migration: what our neighbors should expect?;

– Why Ukraine Ends Big Treaty with Russia;

– Slowdown of educational reform in Ukraine: obvious signs and reasons.

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– Monitoring of Adherence to Fair Trial Standards in Ukraine;

– Environmental Portrait of the Citizen of Ukraine: Comparison with the EU and Recommendations;

– The Dual-Purpose Gas Flows. How Russia Struggles to Get Advantage over NATO?;

– Russia is Undermining Europe’s Key Democratic Institution;

– How to Organise Economic Immigration? Lessons From Poland.

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– The Process of Ukraine’s Implementation of Recommendations in the Area of Elections Suggested by International and National Observation Missions, International Organisations, and Foreign Partner Countries;

– Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine (June-July 2018);

– Commercial Makeup of Geopolitical Projects: How Russia Builds Infrastructure to Re-route Transit of Natural Gas via Ukraine;

– Half a Year to the Elections: Candidate and Party Rankings, Voter Motivation, Public Expectations;

– Environmental Policy and Law: UA Review (August 2018).

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– Ukraine’s Fight against Corruption: the Economic Front;

– Fighting Corruption by Touch, or Why Ukraine Still Does Not Have an Anticorruption Strategy for 2018-2020;

– How Do the Temporarily Non-Controlled Territories Subsist? Horizontal Communication Trends between Residents of the Divided Region;

– Thinking about Pension Systems for the 21st Century: a Few Remarks Based on the Polish Example.

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– Visa Union around the EU;

– Not Temporary Resettlers: 4 years in the Lives of IDPs in Ukraine;

– Privatisation 2018: Vital Need or Usual Habit?;

– New Food Legislation: Providing Information about Products;

–Environmental Policy and Law: UA Review (June 2018).

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– Real Decentralisation: Cooperation of Territorial Communities in Action;

– Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine: Sluggish Reforms;

– What are Ukraine’s Export Priorities: the EU, CIS or Asia?;

– Police Commissions in Ukraine: Results of the Research.

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