The Ukraine Analytical Digest is a special product of the Office. It is a selection of the latest and most important materials – including publications, videos, and infographics – on Ukraine and related topics developed by our members and recognised research centres from EU member states and other countries. To provide the reader with the best quality materials we monitor on a daily-basis the work of these leading research organisations, and share updates on the issues that matter most. The reader also receives the latest reports from past events, information on upcoming events in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond, and stays up-to-date with the Office’s activities.

The Digest is issued twice a month and sent out to all those who work on Ukraine-related issues in Brussels, EU member states, and other countries.

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– Ukraine’s Sectoral Integration into the EU: Preconditions, Prospects, Challenges;

– Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Extractive Sector. Practice and Problems in Implementation;

– Implementation of the Paris Summit Agreements: The Reactions and Expectations of Ukrainians;

– “People’s Liberation Army”: How Russia Still Uses VK to Influence Ukrainians.

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– Energy Transparency Index 2020: International Edition;

– Climate Policy and Civil Society: The Future of the Eastern Partnership Countries in the Context of the European Green Deal;

– Ukraine and the EU Digital Single Market: Mutual Benefits;

– Factors for Short-Term Forecast of Ukraine’s Economy.

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– European Green Deal: Shaping the Eastern Partnership Future. Environmental Policy of the Eastern Partnership Countries under the EGD;

– Ukraine on the Scale of European Values;

– Trade Facilitation in Ukraine: Customs Procedures, One-stop Window and Electronic Document Management;

– Changes in Regulation of Housing and Utility Services in the Draft Laws No. 2458 and No. 4383: Matters of Intra-Building Gas Supply Networks and Energy Efficiency.

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– Ukraine in World Values Survey 2020: Resume of the Analytical Report;

– Production of Electricity from Renewable Sources: Changes in the Support Scheme and Financial Challenges;

– How Did the Electoral Code Work in the Local Elections 2020: An Overall Assessment.

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– Impact Assessment of a Potential Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Ukraine and Turkey;

– Ukraine’s Political Prisoners in Russia: Who Are They?;

– Reform of the Coal Industry Is Once Again on the Path of Subsidising.

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– Calendar Paradox of Ukrainian Presidents’ Terms in Office: Good Constitution, Bad Mathematics;

– Divide and Fool: 2020 Ukraine’s Local Elections and Social Media;

– Popular Perception of the Russian Propaganda Messages and Social Factors That Shape It;

– Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Extractive Sector. Practice and Problems in Implementation.

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– Why Ukraine’s Local Elections Matter;

– Why European Integration Is Important for President Zelenskyi?;

– Trade Facilitation in Ukraine: Customs Reform through the Eyes of Businesses;

– Ukrainian Regional Media Guide 2020.

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– Fake Fans: Study on Troll Armies of Anti-Western Actors in Ukraine;

– Dynamics of Russian Disinformation Topics;

– Putting Democratic Values at the Centre of International Assistance to Ukraine;

– No Effective Solutions on Debts to “Green” Generation Have Been Proposed Yet.

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– Ukraine Turns 29. Where Are We Now, and What Is Our Way? Results of the Nationwide Opinion Poll;

– How Ukrainian Regional Media Is Surviving in the Coronacrisis;

– The Popularity of “Smuggled” Goods among Consumers;

– Playing the Long Game: How Civil Society Can Lead Change.

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– Ukraine Today: From 1 year of Zelensky to Covid-19 to Upcoming Local Elections;

– Six Months of the Pandemic: What Happened to the Moods and Electoral Preferences of Ukrainians?;

– Here’s How Ukraine Was Swept by Populism. History of Voting since 2006;

– Ukraine in Lockdown: Stories from Three Local Communities.

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