The Ukraine Analytical Digest is a special product of the Office. It is a selection of the latest and most important materials – including publications, videos, and infographics – on Ukraine and related topics developed by our members and recognised research centres from EU member states and other countries. To provide the reader with the best quality materials we monitor on a daily-basis the work of these leading research organisations, and share updates on the issues that matter most. The reader also receives the latest reports from past events, information on upcoming events in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond, and stays up-to-date with the Office’s activities.

The Digest is issued twice a month and sent out to all those who work on Ukraine-related issues in Brussels, EU member states, and other countries.

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– Zelensky’s Everywhere: Quick Conclusions from Ukraine’s Snap Parliamentary Election;

– Reformatting the European Integration Process: Opportunities and Risks for the Ukraine-EU Association;

– Quarterly Enterprise Survey: Industry;

– Expectations, Hopes and Concerns of the Donbas: Trend Data of Social Attitudes in 2017-2018 and State Policy Recommendations;

– Concept Note on Implementation of Judicial Reform.

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– Preliminary Assessment of the Start of Early Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine;

– What Ukraine’s New Parties Bring to the Table;

– Aggressor’s Return to PACE or Money Has no Smell: Human Rights Violations;

– Geographical Indications in Ukraine: Prospects for Exports and Local Development;

– Strengthening Independence Is on the Agenda of the Specialised Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office.

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– Seven Dangers of Engaging with the Occupied Donbas — and Opportunities for the New Ukrainian President;

– Role of Civil Society in Customs Reform in Ukraine;

– Updating and Amending Annexes XXX and XXXI to the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine (Environment and Climate Change);

– Second Wind: Will Ukrainian Regional Airports See the Take-off of European Low-Cost Carriers?

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– The War in Donbas: Realities and Prospects of Settlement;

– Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in the Security Sector;

– Ukraine and V4 Countries: Promoting Better Understanding;

– Myths and Facts about Ukrainian Labour Migration to Visegrad Four Countries;

– Constitutional News in Ukraine: New Chairman of the Constitutional Court elected due to early dismissal of a judge of the CCU.

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– Eastern Partnership: Reflections after a Decade;

– Putin’s Streams: Military Threats;

– Daily Balancing As New Working Mode of the Ukrainian Gas Market;

– Ukraine’s Language Law in Questions and Answers;

– Environmental Policy and Law: UA Review (April 2019).

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– Statement of the Civil Network OPORA on Provisional Observation Results at the Regular Presidential Election in Ukraine;

– Ukraine’s Election 2019: Live Updates (Second Round);

– Putin’s Wars in Eastern Europe: Post-Crimean Reality;

– Will Ukrainian Officials Be Punished for Unjustified Wealth?;

– Ukrainian Natural Resources: Reforms to Be Continued.

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– Ukraine and the Association Agreement: Implementation Monitoring 2014–2018;

– Energy Transparency Index – 2018;

– Minsk Format, Budapest Plus or Anything Else?;

– The Choice of Kharkiv: How the Region Voted in the 1st Round.

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– Statement of the Civil Network OPORA on Preliminary Results of Observation at the Presidential Election in Ukraine on March 31, 2019;

– Ukraine’s 2019 Election: First Conclusions;

– Black Sea Security: Analytical Magazine;

– Trade Facilitation in Ukraine: Business Assessment and Expectations;

– Administrative Procedure in Ukraine: Ukrainians Need New Rules for Communicating with Officials.

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Special Issue of the Ukraine Analytical Digest is devoted to the Brussels UkraineLab 2019, which was organised by the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels in the European Economic and Social Committee on 25 February 2019.

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– 10 Studies on Russian Information Warfare in Ukraine in English;

– Ukraine-Poland Relations;

– First Report on OPORA’s Observation Results of Regular Election of the President of Ukraine Scheduled for 31 March 2019;

– Disciplinary Responsibility of Prosecutors in Ukraine;

– Prospects for Achieving Energy Independence in Terms of Gas Industry.

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