The Ukraine Analytical Digest is a special product of the Office. It is a selection of the latest and most important materials – including publications, videos, and infographics – on Ukraine and related topics developed by our members and recognised research centres from EU member states and other countries. To provide the reader with the best quality materials we monitor on a daily-basis the work of these leading research organisations, and share updates on the issues that matter most. The reader also receives the latest reports from past events, information on upcoming events in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond, and stays up-to-date with the Office’s activities.

The Digest is issued twice a month and sent out to all those who work on Ukraine-related issues in Brussels, EU member states, and other countries.

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– Decentralisation: what has been achieved within the last three years;

– Migration: how visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU will affect Polish labour market;

– Economic policy of Ukraine in view of developments on the global level;

– The Ukrainian Party System before and after the 2013–2014 Euromaidan;

– An impressive list of Ukraine’s achievements in spring 2017 on many fronts;

– The meaning of the Ukrainian Parliament’s vote to join NATO

– The Donbas blockade another blow to the Minsk peace process

– Festive departure: the first visa-free train travel