The Ukraine Analytical Digest is a special product of the Office. It is a selection of the latest and most important materials – including publications, videos, and infographics – on Ukraine and related topics developed by our members and recognized research centres from EU member states and other countries. To provide the reader with the best quality materials we monitor on a daily-basis the work of these leading research organisations, and share updates on the issues that matter most. The reader also receives the latest reports from past events, information on upcoming events in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond, and stays up-to-date with the Office’s activities.

The Digest is issued twice a month and sent out to all those who work on Ukraine-related issues in Brussels, EU member states, and other countries.

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– The Policy towards Crimea. Recommendations;

– Changes in the foreign policy orientations of Ukrainians after the Euromaidan;

– Poisonous Link: Why Russia’s Crimea Bridge Is Dangerous for Ukraine and the Black Sea Region;

– Environmental policy and law: UA review (March 2018);

– Educational reform implementation at the level of Donetsk region: dynamics, achievements and problems.

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– Ukraine 2017-2018: New Realities, Old Problems (Assessments);

– Constructing a Political Nation: Changes in the Attitudes of Ukrainians during the War in the Donbas;

– Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine (March 2018);

– Three Years of the Way: an Independent Assessment of the Implementation of the Association Agreement;

– Is Ukraine Ready For UN Peacekeepers?

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Special Issue of the Digest is devoted to the Brussels UkraineLab 2018 that was organised by the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels in the European Parliament on 27 February 2018.

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– Ukraine in 2017: Macroeconomic review;

– No longer exotic: how the Association Agreement helps to open up the EU market to Ukrainian food;

– They do not understand: Ukrainian Hungarians and Romanians in the schools practically don’t study the state language;

– Establishment of the new Supreme Court: key lessons;

– Reforming Ukraine’s Energy Sector: Critical Unfinished Business;

– Green Energy Ukraine: Incentives or Obstacles?

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– The Citizens and the State in the Government-Controlled Territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions: Problems, Challenges, and Visions of the Future;

– The Price of Peace in Donbas: Public Opinion;

– The Budget of Ukraine as a Mirror of Public Management Efficiency;

– Reintegration of the Occupied Territories: Information Component;

– Will Ukraine Be Able to Establish Real Property Rights?

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– Audit of Reforms: Assessment Report on Changes in Regions after Visa Liberalisation;

– Association Agreement: in Slow Motion Mode;

– Three Years of Reforms. Has Ukraine Reformed Enough for Surviving?;

– Civic Education for the Regions Bordering Front-Line in the Context of Reintegration Tasks of Temporarily Occupied Territories;

– Attitudes of Ukrainians towards NATO: Recent Trends, Hidden Motivations and Tasks for the Future.

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– Words and Wars: Ukraine Facing Kremlin Propaganda;

– Three Scenarios For The Primary Care: Zero Game, Bad and Good;

– Environmental Policy and Law: UA Review. Environment in the Eastern Partnership Agenda;

– Chronicles of Decentralisation in Kharkiv Region: Seasonal Review;

– Counteracting Propaganda and Disinformation: Lessons from Ukraine;

-High Time to End the War in Ukraine.

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– Public Subvention Distribution;

– Key Sectors That Form Ukraine’s GDP;

– Opening Access to Geodata: Are We on the Verge of an Open Data Revolution in Extractive Industries?;

– Ukraine’s Transport Potential: Key Facts You Should Know;

– Formation of Civil Identity in the Context of Donbas Reintegration Tasks;

– The anniversary of the Maidan: lessons from the revolution and prospects;

– “Eastern Partnership and the role of civil society for democratic reforms”;

–  Unlocking the EU Research and Innovation Potential through Excellence in Cooperation.

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– Donbas: New Trends іn Public Opinion;

– Environmental Policy and Law: UA Review;

– Corruption Pipeline: The Threat of Nord Stream 2 to EU Security and Democracy;

– Results of the Elections in the United Territorial Communities of Kharkiv Region;

– Transparency for trust. How to make energy available;

– What Is the Public Mood Like in Crimea?;

– Ukraine and the EU: Charting a Path Forward.

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– Anti-corruption court: to execute impossible to pardon;

– Elections in 201 communities prove that it’s necessary to improve the law on local elections;

– Lifting the Moratorium on Farmland Sales: Why Supply and Demand Must Balance;

– 10 things you should know about Ukraine’s pension reform;

– The Struggle for Ukraine.

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