Comment on the CEC Decisions to Cancel the Previous Decision on Conducting the First Local and Additional Election in the 4 Amalgamated Hromadas in Vinnytsia, Donetsk, and Zhytomyr Oblasts

The Civil Network OPORA commented on CEC decisions to cancel the previous decision on сonducting the first local and additional election in the 4 amalgamated hromadas.

On November 1, 2018, the Central Election Commission adopted a decision on excluding the two amalgamated hromadas from the Resolution No 156 “On the First Election of the Deputies of Village, Township, and City Councils of Amalgamated Hromadas and the Respective Village, Township, and City Heads on December, 23, 2018” and the two hromadas from the Resolution dated October, 12, 2018, No 157 “On Additional Election of the Deputies of Village and Township Councils on December, 23, 2018.”

With the Resolutions of October, 12, the CEC scheduled the first local election of the deputies of city, village, and township councils of the amalgamated hromadas, and the additional election of village and township councils. In case of the additional election, it implies to elect the deputies to the previously created councils that joined the hromada later, by means of conducting the first local election to councils. The additional elections are conducted under the majoritarian election system, with voting in the one-mandate electoral districts.

Thus, the first local election shall not be conducted in Kryvorizka village hromada of Dobropillia rayon of Donetsk oblast, and in Romanivska village hromada of Zhytomyr oblast. The additional election scheduled earlier shall not take place in Vapniarska village hromada of Tomashpil rayon of Vinnytsia oblast, and in Shakhivska village hromada of Dobropillia rayon of Donetsk oblast.

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