Creative Quarantine: Three Stories About Ukrainians Who Have Turned Lockdown Into An Opportunity

In Ukraine, the COVID-19 lockdown has not only been about public health challenges and economic hardships; it has brought a spike in creativity.

UkraineWorld, together with its colleagues from the regional media, offers three stories from communities in Ukraine’s regions to show how they have adapted to the new reality.

Lutsk business against COVID-19

As the coronavirus broke out, businessmen decided to implement projects to help medical workers in Lutsk (the capital of Volyn Oblast in northwestern Ukraine). Journalist Maria Domanska tells this story in an article for Hromadske Volyn.

Local entrepreneur Pavlo Tsapiuk, who formerly worked in advertising, started a volunteer project called #SaveDoctors. First, they decided to print 3D-models of spare ventilator parts, the so-called “doublers” for ventilator pipes, which allow two patients to get oxygen at the same time. The idea attracted great media attention but it was not the only project Tsapiuk worked on.

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