Decommunisation of the minds. Here’s how freedom and their own money teach communities to act rationally

The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the people who survived collectivisation, the Holodomor, dekulakisation, repression, and war, now after the Revolution of Dignity gained the right to dispose of the collected taxes and to decide where to move next. And this right is encouraging: “Ukraine of a healthy person” is gradually sprouting in small communities. Liubov Velychko, journalist, is telling about the example of the Humentsi community in Khmelnytsky region.

Village head (starosta) Yuri Sikora taught at the university for 19 years, defended his PhD thesis, and then he got fired. Now he heads two villages. The people voted for him.

He carefully records the results of his work by collecting pink stickers in a transparent folder. “Don’t laugh,” he warns, showing it to me, and explains. “I write every appeal of people into a notebook and also on a separate sticker. I put the made stickers in a file, and then, when I report to people, I show how much I did.

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