Dixi Group expert pointed to doublestandards in Gazprom’s requirements

Gazprom PJSC is preparing for the scenario of stopping the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, pumping gas to European storage facilities. Roman Nitsovych, Dixi Group Expert, said in an interview to Hromadske.  

“Europeans have filled storage facilities by more than 90%. In fact, Gazprom itself has filled the storage facilities, preparing for a similar scenario. Therefore, speaking that they are constructive and dialogue-oriented is also some kind of a double game,” said the expert.

Nitsovych made an analogy with Gazprom’s statements regarding compliance with European rules.

“Just as they talk about the implementation of European rules, saying that you, Ukraine, have to comply with them. That’s none of our concern and should not relate to our projects we are building in Europe (e.g., Nord Stream 2). Maybe, these are double standards,” mentioned the expert.

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