Electricity Suppliers’ Ranking: companies are gradually developing competencies

DiXi Group experts are unanimous that the retail electricity market is yet to come of age.

Suppliers in the electricity market continue to show progress. Compared to the previous issue of the Electricity Suppliers’ Ranking, the average score of companies has risen by 18%, while the degree of their sophistication continues to level out, DiXi Group expert Bohdan Serebrennikov said during the Ranking’s presentation, Ukrainian Energy reports.

The Ranking traditionally features the top 50 electricity suppliers, selected in terms of the supply volume and the number of consumers. The sample for the latest issue was updated, and six new companies were added.

“Suppliers are gradually improving their market practices. The average score of companies has already reached 0.422, rising by 18% compared to the previous Ranking. We also see the accelerating growth rate. This progress indicates that companies are developing their competencies of competing for customers. We saw that back at the data-gathering stage. Another conclusion is this: a gradual approximation of companies to each other continues, and the gap between them is narrowing,” the expert said.

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