Energy Reforms: October 2019 review

The project “Enhancing impact of civil society in monitoring and policy dialogue on energy and related sectors’ reforms in line with the Association Agreement implementation” presented the monitoring report on Ukraine’s progress in the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU in the areas of energy and environment for October 2019.

Experts of the Gas Task Force drew attention to the adoption of the law and the CMU decisions for unbundling of gas transmission from other activities, as well as intensified work to ensure the conclusion of production sharing agreements. The start of the heating season was also marked by the improvement of the NEURC tariff methodologies for gas distribution (on the basis of booked capacity) and transmission.

Experts of the Electricity and Nuclear Safety Task Force noted that several draft laws on amendments to the Electricity Market Law concerning the regulation of price caps and imports of electricity from nonmember countries of the Energy Community have been registered with the Verkhovna Rada. The Government has subordinated the SAEZM and the SNRI to the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, which caused significant resonance in professional community. Soon, the SNRI was again subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers.

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