Energy Transparency Index: Energy Sector Information Openness Has Improved

DiXi Group has analysed energy sectors and identified regulatory gaps that lead to distortions of competition and increase corruption risks in the industry.

Transparency in Ukraine’s energy sector is at a medium level but has improved compared to previous periods. Bohdan Serebrennikov, the manager of the Energy Transparency Index project, stated this during the presentation Energy Transparency Index of Ukraine 2020: How Much Has the Sector Openness Changed Over the Year?

“Ukraine’s final score according to the assessment conducted in 2020 is 58 out of 100 possible, which indicates the average transparency of the energy sector. At the same time, compared to last year’s estimate, transparency in most categories has increased and the Index has increased by 10 points,” Serebrennikov said.

The 2020 Index covers 210 indicators, grouped into 8 categories and based on specific regulatory requirements and best global disclosure practices. The evaluation is the result of processing open source data on the functioning and development of the energy sector in the “from producer to consumer” chain.

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