Environmental discussion in Dnipro from DiXi Group

How to continue industrial development without causing damage to the environment? A round table discussing this topic was held on 5 March in Dnipro with the participation of DiXi Group experts Serhii Balan and Anton Antonenko.

Representatives of regional authorities, diplomats, experts, specialists from environmental organisations, representatives of the region’s largest enterprises and public activists gathered at the round table hosted by Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration to discuss the possibility of a consensus between industrial development and environmental protection.

Work presently continues in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast on creating a platform for online monitoring of air pollution. They want to install pollution sensors at factories, public and private monitoring stations.

“A “green” agenda becomes a part of our life. This is not only a global trend but also a substantial sector of Ukraine’s national policy,” DiXi Group Vice President Anton Antonenko said in his speech during the round table. “Environmental discussions must lead to the creation of platforms. Civil society, the government and businesses must join their efforts to solve environmental protection problems. In that case, our present and future will look more promising.”

Speaking at the round table, Cathy Cottrell, First Secretary Energy Policy at the British Embassy in Ukraine, promised to help with tackling environmental challenges in the region. In particular, it concerns “green” entrepreneurship.

The event was organised by DiXi Group with the support from the British Embassy in Ukraine and assistance from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration.

Source: DiXi Group