EU coverage in Ukrainian regional media: leading and lagging regions

Natalia Freik, Junior Research Fellow at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting,  analysed the EU coverage in Ukrainian regional media.

Ukraine’s rapprochement towards the EU is long-lasting and has its own history: the launch of the DCFTA, the adoption of a visa-free regime for Ukraine, the Association Agreement entry into force and its implementation etc. These key steps were supported by civil society organisations, analysed by think tanks, reported by the Government Office, while the media only now start to catch up by covering different European themes.

To see when the number of European integration references intensified and when it fell, the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting in the framework of EU-funded “Regions for reforms” project monitored online and print media, television and radio by several keywords. Then, we compared the results with the events that took place in every corresponding period. We used the following keywords: “the European Union”, “European integration”, “Visa-free regime” and “Association Agreement”. The mentions peak in the end of November 2016, spring 2017 (early April, the second half of May), summer 2017 (early June, mid-July) and autumn 2017 (beginning of September, October, November). The press actively informed about the EU-Ukraine summit in Brussels, approval and implementation phases of a visa-free regime for Ukraine, Association Agreement ratification and its entry into force.

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