EU-Ukraine Association Council: expert on the results of the meeting in Brussels

On February 9, representatives of the Ukrainian government went to Brussels for the Seventh Session of the EU-Ukraine Association Council. Several issues were on the agenda: in particular, access to COVID-19 vaccines, reform and the fight against corruption, Russian aggression and sanctions against Russia. Liubov Akulenko, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Centre for European Policy, told Ukrainian Radio in more detail about the results of the meeting.

Was the meeting in Brussels positive?

“There are both successful and hopeful moments, but no concrete promises. The Ukrainian side is eager to revise the Association Agreement, but at this stage, the Europeans are very reticent about this proposal. In the declaration, they speak only about revising the objectives of the Agreement: economic integration and political cooperation,”  Liubov Akulenko said.

Also, according to the expert, EU representatives offer us to communicate on the revision of the trade part: “But to communicate is not to create a negotiating team, so it is not a serious achievement yet. If we want something more serious, we should discuss the creation of a negotiating group to review specific parts of the Agreement. ”

“At the same time, the EU continues to support us in terms of sanctions against Russia and non-recognition of Crimea as Russian territory,” Akulenko stressed.

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