EU – Ukraine. Making Association Work

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is the most ambitious document the EU has ever signed with a third country.

The implementation of the AA should allow Ukraine political association and economic integration with the European Union. In order to gain access to the EU internal market, Ukraine must unilaterally approximate its legislation to that of the European Union within 10 years from the date of entry into force (for those provisions which have a fixed deadline).

The five-year period since the start of AA implementation in November 2014 has clearly demonstrated the challenges it faces in Ukraine since, in addition to the implementation of the AA, there has been a root-and-branch reform of the state.

Experts of the Ukrainian Center for European Policy (UCEP) think tank in collaboration with professor Kataryna Wolczuk (University of Birmingham) have analysed the challenges associated with the implementation of AA in Ukraine and propose to change the approach to its implementation.

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