EU-Ukrainian Cooperation in Defense Sphere: Eastern Partnership Dimension

The Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Representation in Ukraine has prepared a study “EU-Ukrainian Cooperation in Defense Sphere: Eastern Partnership Dimension”.

The study is devoted to monitoring and developing the prospects of the Eastern Partnership in the framework of the security sphere.

In the course of the project’s implementation, the Institute monitored cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the framework of the EU Neighborhood Policy, the legislation of both parties, and identified the main areas of opportunities to include new security and defense policy elements. Experts modeled the main directions of prospects for cooperation in the fields of military education, implementation of elements of CSDP and CFSP, cooperation in the military-industrial sector, counter-terrorism, and cyber threats, they identified common trends, information threats, and prospects for cooperation between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries in general. Recommendations were developed for the implementation of new goals, targets, and areas for the next Partnership Targets after 2020.

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