Europe Must Play Its Key Role in Starving the Russian War Machine

According to some estimates, switching off the Russian oil and gas pump for just two months may be sufficient to starve the war machine of resources and force Russia to abandon its aggressive war, writes Kateryna Markevych, a Leading Expert on Economic & Social Programs at the Razumkov Centre.

On February 24, Russia unleashed the war aimed at the total annihilation of the Ukrainians. Every passing day brings artillery attacks, aerial bombings, and blockades of Ukrainian cities. The world continues to receive shocking news of atrocities committed by Russian soldiers against civilians. Hundreds were tortured and killed by gunshots to the head in Bucha and Irpin. Thousands died under rubble and from shrapnel wounds in Irpin, Borodyanka, Kharkiv, Izum, Chernihiv, Sumy, and dozens of small towns around Ukraine. Many cases of rape of women and children both girls and boys are recorded by the International Criminal Court prosecutor.

The civilised world including the EU condemned Russia’s aggressive actions. However, paradoxically, European countries continue to support the aggressor financially by buying Russian energy resources.

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