28.11.2014, DIF. Roundtable “European integration of Visegrad countries: experience of reforms and lessons for Ukraine”

28.11.2014, DIF. “EU integration as a chance of success – experience of Visegrad countries for Ukraine”

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with its partners organized the round table “European integration of Vishehgrad countries: experience of reforms and lessons for Ukraine”, held as a part of the project “Path to the EU of Vishegrad Four: Lessons for Ukraine”.

In the second round table panel experts discussed the issue about positive trends and challenges which Vishegrad countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) met on their way to the EU, what experiences and lessons of their Western neighbors Ukraine could take as an example to bring reforms to the European standards. Experts stressed the importance of the reforms of the public administration and economic sector.

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