31.03.2014, Brussels. Expert discussion “Crimea under Occupation: Feedback from the Ground”

On the 31st March 2014, Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels with support of the European Endowment for Democracy, Brussels and the International Renaissance Foundation, Kyiv organized ad hoc expert discussion.

During event, experts from Crimea and on Crimea shared first-hand information on what is happening on the peninsula. They all condemned Russian aggression and attempts to make Crimea de facto Russian territory. They expressed an urgent need for the human rights organizations to monitor the situation in the region. Since the occupation amount of violations has multiplied. There are reports of kidnapping, torture, fate of 9 people is unknown. There are also mass violations of the freedom of expression, speech and access to media: Crimean, Ukrainian and international journalists and their offices have been attacked; all Ukrainian channels were switched off. Residents of Crimea are in informational isolation and journalists are targets. This is very worrying development and Ukrainian government is not prepared for it.

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