Expert Discussion on Monetary Policy in the Central and Eastern Europe and Recommendations for Ukraine

On 14 March 2019, the Razumkov Centre held an expert discussion “Increased significance of monetary policy in the CEE countries in the post-crisis period and recommendations for Ukraine”.

The discussion brought together members of legislative and executive branches, representatives of the banking and financial sector, leading academics, state and independent experts of Ukraine, as well as representatives of foreign embassies and international organisations.

In addition to the presentation of the analytical publication, the following issues were discussed:

  • Peculiarities of the current political and economic environment in Ukraine; risks and elements of their impact on the realisation of sound, efficient and effective socio-economic policy;
  • Practice and lessons of successful upstream countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in developing economic policy in the post-crisis period; the role and directions of monetary stimulus for growth and development in the CEE region;
  • Opportunities and feasibility of applying the CEE best practices in Ukraine; institutional support for specific economic policy areas to accelerate the country’s development.

Source: Razumkov Centre