29.04.2015. Experts named 7 steps needed for effective Eurointegration, ICPS

Ukrainian leaders need to stop the political rhetoric of Europeanness and move to practical steps in political, security, trade and economical spheres, as well as sectoral or humanitarian cooperation, believe experts of the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS)

The EU has already clearly expressed willingness to assist Ukraine in carrying out reforms. In 2014, the decision on financial support to Ukraine was taken. The country will receive a total of 11.1 billion euros and another 1.6 billion euros will be allocated in the form of loans and grants. In 2015, the support continued, on 21 April, the EU has allocated another tranche of macro-financial assistance amounting to 250 million euros.

The ball is now in the court of the Ukrainian authorities. Over the course of the Ukraine – EU Summit Ukrainian leadership should at least:

– Offer the EU a new security concept for the European continent, which would make it possible for the countries to coexist conflict-free, based on the principle of mutual benefit;

– Use the time that remains before the introduction of the free trade area (FTA), to conform to technical standards and EU requirements; improve the readiness of Ukrainian companies to take advantage of the new conditions in trade with the EU, develop a strategy;

– Develop a balanced politics during negotiations on the FTA with Russia;

– Secure a specific date for the visa-free regime with the EU with a concrete list specifying clear criteria for this to happen;

– Provide a schedule for implementation of the Third Energy Package of the EU, including the abolition of energy monopoly;

– Outline steps to strengthen institutional coordination mechanism ensuring the implementation of the Association Agreement; establishment of a Government office at the Secretariat of the Government of Ukraine of an authority with sufficient powers and human resources;

– Support high-quality public monitoring of the implementation of the Association Agreement, which should become an indicator of the effectiveness of the government and offer ways to improve it; outline steps to enhance communication between civil society and government.

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