Express-analysis of court system state in Kharkiv region by mass media monitoring

2017 turned out to be rich in newsbreaks in the judicial sphere, which undoubtedly focused the media attention on court proceedings in Kharkiv and the region. The coverage of the judicial system functioning in the media allows us to diagnose important aspects of the current judiciary state and also to reveal the contours of how the public evaluate the judiciary. In addition, in the context of recent President’s decrees on the local courts reorganisation, a similar regional analysis of the judiciary status will help to predict the implications of the reform implementation.

Monitoring of the resonant court cases’ coverage was conducted at the regional level. The following media in Kharkiv region were included in the monitoring field: «MediaPort», «NewsRoom», «Media Group «Objectiv»», «Kh.Vgorode», «Status Quo», «Gоrоdskоy Dozor» and «Gоrod X».

The Center for Political Analysis “Observatory of Democracy” analysed the most resonant court proceedings of 2017. Internet media were analysed by the number of relevant materials on these topics and their emotional colouring. Such monitoring has given an opportunity to make conclusions about what exactly attracts the attention of Kharkiv media in the field of judicial activity and in what way they cover resonant court proceedings.

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