Fear of Western Weapons, the Collapse of the EU, and “Nazi Zelenskyy”. Russian Media Monitoring for May 2nd-8th

Russian disinformers continue to cover every third item of news about the war in Ukraine and its consequences for Russia. And Texty.org.ua continues to analyse the news of Russian websites and review what the enemy is telling its own population about the attack against Ukraine. To do this, experts analysed more than 33 thousand pieces of news from the Russian state media and manipulative websites that are targeted to spread Russian disinformation.

Fear of Western weapons

The Russian mass media still do not call the war the war, but they are changing their rhetoric due to the successful counter-offensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region and other areas of hostilities. “The situation near Kharkiv is becoming dangerous for Russia… our army is fighting back fiercely, but this does not remove the threat of its expulsion from Ukrainian territory,” Russian media write.

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