First Year of Groysman Government: Which Ministries Worked Better than Others

Assessment of Ukrainian government performance in 2016 and ‘public’ vote on better performing ministers under Groysman and Yatsenyuk.

According to the experts, in 2016 significant progress in reforms was demonstrated by the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. The notable achievements of the Ministry of Public Health include the drug procurement reform and the launch of the medical reform; the Ministry of Finance was complimented for its balanced budget policy and attempts to reform the tax militia and the customs service; the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade was praised for deregulation and further improvement of ProZorro.

The worst performing Ministry, in terms of delivering and implementing reforms, was the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  The experts noted that the only real reform implemented by that ministry was the creation of the patrol police. Among the worst performing ministries ended up the Ministry of Information Policy and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The “popular” vote placed the former government in the first place, with 12 ministers from Yatsenyuk cabinet getting a majority of the votes, against 7 winners in Groysman government.

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