First years of SBI: external expert analysis

The Centre of Policy and Legal Reform has presented the external expert analysis of the first years of the SBI activities.

Creation of the State Bureau of Investigations (hereinafter referred to as the SBI) became an important stage in the reform of the system of criminal justice of Ukraine. Starting with adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine, the prosecutor’s office was supposed to lose the function of pre-trial investigation, which was repeatedly stressed in concepts and transitional provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Eventually, that function was delegated to the SBI in 2017.

The competence of the SBI covers an important sphere of the functioning of the state i.e. misconduct of public officials of all ranks, including law enforcement officers. While considering the specialised law, many variants of the SBI competence design were being discussed in the process of considering the specialised law, starting with top-level corruption and ending with specialisation solely in tortures and mistreatment on the side of law enforcement bodies. It is not surprising that experts and lawmakers are still discussing the role of the SBI in the system of law enforcement bodies with the view to achieving maximum effect from its activities.

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