Five Ukrainian Museums You Can Explore During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought difficulties to cultural institutions, but some Ukrainian museums have done a great job adapting. UkraineWorld listed 5 of them. 

Victoria Museum in Kyiv

Do you miss the beauty of exquisite gowns and fashion while staying at home during quarantine? At the Victoria Museum, you have a chance to experience these even during the pandemic. This private museum shows you all about the fashion of the Victorian period from 1830-1920. Moreover, the exposition space is designed in accordance with all international museum standards, including climate-control systems and UV light protection.

Victoria Lysenko, the founder and director of the museum, received her education in museum studies in London. As a collector, she bought lots of the museum’s exhibits from various auctions and flea markets in Europe.

The museum has a private collection of approximately 100 authentic costumes for men and women, as well as 800 exhibits from the Victorian period. In addition, they provide audio guides in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Chinese.

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