Forced migration and the war in Ukraine (February 24 — March 24)

The Cedos Think Tank works to monitor the impact of the war on the movement of populations within the country and abroad. With this work, Cedos seeks to record the most important decisions and events in the field and to outline the key challenges.

In the first month of the full-scale war, 3.6 million people left Ukraine. Around 6.5 million others, according to the estimate of the International Organisation for Migration, left their permanent place of residence and moved within the country. On the first few days, there were miles-long queues to the checkpoints on Ukraine’s borders with EU countries, primarily with Poland. Up to 150,000 people crossed the border every day. There were equally long traffic jams at the exits from big cities which were bombed right at the beginning of the war. According to the State Border Service, by March 20, the queues on the borders with EU countries had shrunk significantly.

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