From the Bottom Up: How Decentralisation Is Creating New Incentives in Ukraine

Thanks to the country’s decentralisation reform, local communities are more frequently becoming centers of innovations in today’s Ukraine. They are helping to revive remote regions and modernise big cities.

UkraineWorld, together with its colleagues from the regional media, reviews three stories from local communities to show how they have adapted to the world’s new realities.

Eco-movement of Zakarpattia

The small town of Yasinia in Zakarpattia is experiencing a cultural upsurge, reports journalist Evelina Hurnytska in a story for

A popular creative space called “Kredents” is being renovated. “This is a multimedia complex, a coworking space, and a creative space, providing inclusive learning. It offers opportunities for the development of future leaders,” explains communications manager Svitlana Dzhunzhik.

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