Gender in numbers and facts

In summer 2017, experts from The Center for Political Analysis “Observatory of Democracy” presented a substantive research of the gender situation in Ukraine. Let’s see what changes have taken place since then.

One of the main ratings on gender is the Global Gender Gap Report, which is annually compiled by the World Economic Forum. The latest data from the gender gap index indicates that, in general, in 2017 in comparison with 2016, Ukraine has improved its position slightly, and has risen by 8 positions in the global rating.

Ukraine demonstrates the maximum possible high rates in education (1.0 points) that indicates the absence of a gender gap – that is, men and women have equal access and coverage of educational services. The situation in the healthcare system has not changed significantly as well.

The asymmetry of the representation of women and men in the political sphere has decreased at 0.009 points. Although this indicator is still very low (Ukraine is 103 out of 144 countries).

Moreover, it is necessary to highlight positive changes in the sphere of economic participation and opportunities. The introductory part of the Global Gender Gap Report emphasises the fact that in 2017 Ukraine demonstrated the greatest improvement in the economy, due to the tendency to equalise the wages of men and women.

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