Halting Nord Stream 2 must become a part of the EU’s “single voice”

President of DiXi Group Olena Pavlenko stated that halting Nord Stream 2 would be a true realisation of the EU’s “single voice” in the sphere of energy security.

For a long time, Germany’s business community insisted that the construction of Nord Stream 2 must be finished because German large businesses and enterprises need it. German politicians had a similar stance as well: since the gas pipeline is an allegedly “business project”, political influence over it must be minimal and the European Commission’s and the European Parliament’s stance of halting Nord Stream 2 was perceived rather as meddling in the country’s domestic affairs.

The tragic poisoning of Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny changed the stance of the German political elite. The insistence on purely German interests has weakened, and today, Germany is more open to forming a common European stance as far as interaction and communication with Russia are concerned. The EU’s “single voice” policy, which experts spoke and wrote so much about, again has the chance of being implemented.

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