Here’s how Ukraine was swept by populism. History of voting since 2006

The Data Journalism Agency TEXTY studied how Ukraine was swept by populism since 2006.

Often the electoral geography of Ukraine is narrowed only to the differences between several regions, for example, East and West. This simplification draws artificial boundaries. However, the real picture is much more interesting.

Let’s look at the details and see the behaviour of voters in different regions.

This is what the familiar national context looks like: a traditionally high level of support for national democratic forces in the West and the Center and support for pro-Russian and communist forces in the East and South. But is it really true?

We divided all parties that participated in the parliamentary elections of 2006-2019 into three types:
– national-democratic (typical examples: Nasha Ukraina, Svoboda)
– pro-Russian or communist (Party of Regions, Communist Party of Ukraine)
– populist (Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Servant of the People).

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