Housing and war in Ukraine (March 24 — June 3, 2022)

The Cedos think tank monitors the impact of the war on housing in Ukraine. This is its second analytical note analysing the impact of the war on housing. Here the authors focus on reviewing and analysing the decisions of national and local authorities in the field of temporary housing, as well as changes that have taken place in the rental sector since late March.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the number of people who are in need of housing has grown significantly. The UN estimates that 12.8 million people had to leave their homes. Around 7.7 million have been displaced within Ukraine, including around 2 million who had officially registered as internally displaced as of April 25. According to the Ministry for the Development of Communities and Territories (MinRegion), at least 116 thousand residential buildings housing 3,5 million people had been damaged or destroyed by early June. The Kyiv School of Economics has calculated that around 44 million square meters of housing have been damaged or destroyed—they estimate the losses at $39.3 billion. However, given the situation at the front and constant shelling and bombardment of Ukrainian cities, the scale of destruction is much greater by now.

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