How members of oblast councils spend local budget funds

The Civil Network OPORA has been monitoring the distribution of subventions on social and economic development, allocated from the state budget for a few years in a row. OPORA also wrote about MPs striving to get re-elected into the Parliament using budget funds. In this article, OPORA has analysed how subventions from oblast budgets and the budget of Kyiv are distributed between local councillors to finance the realisation of voter requests.

What is a voter request?
According to Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine on the Status of Local Council Members, voters can make requests to members of local councils representing them, when there is a meeting dedicated to the needs of the district or the territorial community, or a council member presents a report. Voter requests must be supported by half of the meeting participants.

Voter requests, which need a council or an executive body to take a decision on it, or require financial or other material expences, are presented by a member of a local council to the council itself or its bodies. A council analyses requests and takes decisions on their implementation.

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